Cruciate Ligament Surgery

We provide advanced cruciate ligament surgery for animals. Our experienced veterinarians use state-of-the-art techniques to repair or reconstruct damaged ligaments, restoring joint function to prevent further joint damage and arthritis.

We work closely with pet owners to develop a personalized treatment plan, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the recovery process. Contact us to schedule an appointment if your pet is experiencing joint pain or reduced mobility.

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Cruciate Ligament Surgery
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The Arthrex System

The Arthrex System is based on scientific data using these foundations of study:

  1. Procedure developed by Dr. James Cook, DVM PHD OTSC (University of Missouri), board certified Orthopedic Veterinarian, in conjunction with biomedical engineers at the Arthrex Corporation in Naples, FL.
  2. Proven procedure based on a large database of canine patients as well as isometric point analysis which proved the best positioning around the knee joint to ensure stability.
  3. Patented devices proven with years of research to be more effective than fracturing bones, in order to get the same outcome while still maintaining a minimally invasive approach.
  4. Since 2004 when the Tightrope/Swivelock procedures were patented, they have been performed at The Animal Hospital of Sussex County by experienced Dr. Ted Spinks and Dr. Courtney Scairpon. They typically perform 2-3 of these procedures per week, and have shown a 0% infection rate over the past several years.
  5. This is not a procedure that is unique to the AHSC and is based on scientific data at Arthrex. We are an AAHA accredited hospital with the highest standards for sterile surgery.
  6. Complications of the Swivelock procedure show at around 3% and can be corrected to 100% recovery. While the TPLO/TTA complication rate is at 7-35%, and complications are often catastrophic & painful.

The Swivelock® fixation system does not require fracturing bone. Instead it uses small holes drilled in the femur and tibia to pass a synthetic ligament-like biomaterial (tightrope) through a small incision to provide bone-to-bone stabilization during healing.

FiberTape® is a high-strength inert material made of UHMWPE that is used extensively in human surgeries for many orthopedic applications. It has been tested for strength and will remain strong unlike nylon suture used in the lateral suture procedures.

This material has properties that make it stronger and much less prone to failure than ANY OTHER suture materials currently being used for the same surgeries. Large metal implants as used in the TPLO and TTA procedures also increase the risk of bone cancer greatly as the dog ages due to the magnetism of metallurgical material.

While there are many ways to repair the canine cruciate ligament, we at AHSC approach surgery with the most minimally invasive option and use Arthrex Fibertape® and a biodegradable anchor, very similar to human ACL repair. (Note, there are no bone cutting procedures used in repairing human ACL’s either.) Rather than causing trauma by fracturing bone, thus elongating recovery time, our approach not only benefits the pet’s recovery time but also the pet’s overall well-being during recovery. Another benefit to this procedure is the pet typically regains a full range of motion and ultimately improves the pet’s quality of life.
In conclusion, Dr. Spinks would like to encourage pet owners to make their decision based on scientific facts proven through substantial amounts of data, but to also consider the “Risk vs Reward ” of the procedures. In other words, why assume the risk of causing trauma to the bones when this minimally invasive procedure is available (and has proven to be successful!).

Click HERE to read some real life testimonials from pet owners who have helped their dogs through the Arthrex procedure!

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